I tested ZEUS v0.8.0 yesterday: https://blog.zeusln.com/zeus-v0-8-0-open-beta/ as there isn't such a thing as the BEST LN wallet—only a better tool in different situations, so I want to understand what are the right use cases for it.

ZEUS v0.8.0


  • Easy setup: download and almost good to go - it might take some time to syn
  • No need to figure out all the inbound and outbound liquidity
  • Users own their KEY!
  • With a Self-custodial lightning addresses
  • LSP offers more privacy as it doesn't expose the node's public key


There are quite some fees, but I guess you pay for the convenience.

a. I did a few tests sending funds to the LN address during the syn process, which changed me by 50%, and here is the fee.

b. To redeem the zaps or receive payments, you then need to enable the LSP, and here is the setup fee, which is quite high, but then you only need to pay for the normal network fee once the channel is up and running.

Here are the use cases I've found so far:
  • For those who want to level up from the custodial LN wallets but do not ( want to ) run a node or have no time to learn about all the inbound and outbound liquidity
  • For current node runners who don't want to expose their node public key and don't want to use custodial LN wallets
  • Using the Self-custodial lightning addresses in Nostr or generally receiving tips in websites; However, it only makes sense if you are getting zapped quite a significant amount.
  • A good option for restaurants or cafes to level up from WOS or Blink, but the coming up non-custodial version of Blink may be better? as many essential features for running restaurants or cafes are still missing in it atm.

And in my case, as a nomad, but I do have a home node at my base, and I'm using Blixt wallet as a backup, so I'm trying to understand what other fun with the ZEUS LN that I possibly missed? 👀