I have a friend who just gave birth to a baby, it took me some time to think about what to gift him, then I ended up gifting him some Bitcoin 🤓 As I think the best present that one can gift to others is either Bitcoin ( (self-responsibility ) or knowledge.

The idea of gifting Bitcoin to a baby is

  • Teach him what is money right from the start
  • Learn about self-responsibility slowly
  • The money truly belongs to the baby bc we can secretly watch the wallet


  1. Set up a cold wallet with my tails USB
  2. Test and wrote down the seed words in three copies

I gave two copies to the new mum and dad and kept one in their family member's house just in case. And I know paper is not an ideal way to keep the seed words, but I want to keep it simple for the parent to learn too. They looked a bit confused when they first received the paper, due to the random words, but it was fun at the same time, striking curiosity the right way.

And then I told them

  • Do not take any photos of it
  • Do not share it online
  • Keep the paper well or use your way to store it

I then showed them the simplest ways to use Bitcoin, by downloading Blue Wallet and inputting these 12 seed words, but should wait for the baby, because it's his Bitcoin! So we use the watch-only wallet for now (I scanned the master key for the parent ),  so they can see the Bitcoin there and welcome onboard!

It was a pretty fun onboarding experience.